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VFX Creative: NBFX
2D Lead: Andrew Pellicer
CG Lead: Henning Koczy & Steve Eisenmann
2D Artists: Andrew Pellicer & Andy Chang
3D Artists: Henning Koczy, Mari Chung, Steve Eisenmann, Hubert Wozniak, Andrez Aguayo, Riyad Hasan, Todd Dufour
Design: Jamie O’Hara, Tyler Scheitlin, Zach Landua, Adrian Navarro, Aran Quinn & Andrew Hague

Spend some quality time with the room you are going to put your new home theater audio system. Believe it or not but the room is as much a component in your home theater system as any of the electronics you will ever buy. Ask yourself which room you will be putting your new system in. Consider whether or not this room is going to be used solely for you system or will it be used for other activities. Will there be any size considerations for the components and speakers you plan on using with the dimensions of the room? Consider drawing a map of your room and sketch the possible placements of your furniture.

Measure the room’s dimensions and write them down. Make a list of all the inputs you currently have and will continue to use. Make a list of the inputs you intend to add to your new audio system. You should write down which components are going to need cables and wires. Also, write down the approximate lengths of those cables and wires. Once all of this is worked out carry this information and.