Motion Capture

At Firefly – our high-end mocap studio – we can bring any CG character to life, using actual human movement.

By recording real actors, we create natural and believable 3D animations for films, games and commercials.

Our virtual production workflow allows directors to see the motion transferred to their model in real-time and have creative control from the start. Last generation cameras and a big shooting volume create endless possibilities for complex scenes with multiple characters and props that would otherwise take months to animate.

What we offer:

  • 7x7x3m high-end studio

  • A virtual set design for a real-time review during the shoot

  • Live retargeting (get to see how the animation fits your character on the spot)

  • Professional actors and stuntmen to work with (if needed)

  • Assistance with planning and organizing the shoot

  • Quality review, post-production cleaning and editing of the raw mocap data

  • Retargeting of the animation on to any CG character

  • Up to 7 actors can be captured simultaneously, allowing for complex scenes/shots to be carried out

  • Preparation of physical props for capturing realistic interaction with objects (swords, guns, walls, etc.)


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